10 Steps to Meaningful Change – Intro

One of the most popular topics when I speak at sales training events, motivational events, and when doing one on one coaching, is my “10 Steps to Meaningful Change” process.

Meaningful change can be defined as: any change that requires a focused, sustained, and consequential effort. Examples of meaningful change are: changing careers, becoming an artist, writing a book, adopting a healthy lifestyle, starting a business, or obtaining a degree.

If you’re like most people, making meaningful change is difficult because it requires time, commitment, restraint, discipline, passion, and much more. Who has the time for all that?


But meaningful change doesn’t happen because you want it. Meaningful change happens through a process. I’ll bring you that process, so that you will have a guide, a road map, to help you down the path towards achieving your goal of effecting meaningful change in your life.

Join me along the way and please send any questions or comments to: david@david-richman.com