100 Days Out


It’s midnight on the 23rd of December, two days before Christmas, and 100 days before I leave for the Cycle of Lives 5,000-mile solo bike ride across the country. Time is absolutely flying by. There are so many aspects to this project, that paying attention to everything causes me to be at once overwhelmed and in awe. Each and every day I have so many things to do: securing partnerships and sponsors, coordinating logistics, forming alliances with institutions, training, preparing equipment, interviewing book subjects, reaching out to supporters, drafting personal memoirs, and so much more.

There is both the marketing and seeking exposure side of this endeavor, and the human-interest, emotional journey, story-telling side, as well. When I begin to feel buried beneath the weight of the tasks that face me each day, I am unburdened by the realization that I have encountered enough inspiration to power me through anything that might confront me.

I am so grateful to the people who are helping me coordinate and prepare for this huge endeavor, to the sponsors and product partners who believe in the vision I have presented, and especially to the amazing book subjects who are sharing their personal journeys with me in such meaningful ways.

Cancer has touched every one of us. My hope through all this frenzied activity is to grasp on to the essence of the meaningful, moving stories my book subjects are sharing, and in turn compile a series of memoirs that will help comfort and guide people though their most difficult times.

I hope that you will continue to join me as we navigate the emotional journeys of those people touched by cancer, and as we explore the various facets that make up the Cycle of Lives.

100 days and counting…oh how the time flies by.