Life is certainly one thing: uncertain. Just when we think we can settle in for a minute, something comes along and tries to unsettle us. Just when we think we have a grasp of something, it can slip through our hands or be ripped from our tight clenches. Just as we climb the highest mountain […]

No Regrets


Contemplating the subject of regret can be viewed from two overriding perspectives; whether you regret the things you do and say, or whether you regret the things you don’t do and say. I don’t know which is the right perspective – and it might depend on the subject matter – but I do think it’s […]


Ben Hur

I’ve been reminded recently about what friendship means. More accurately, I’ve been reminded about what friendship means to me. What does it mean to you? If we were to all write a short definition of the meaning of friendship, collectively we couldn’t conjure up a comprehensive and exact explanation of the concept. The reason for […]


Life of Pi

If you’re like most people, clutter abounds over time – at home, in the office and in our personal lives. At home, it is sometimes hard to part with things that we have owned for a while like clothes and knick-knacks and…well…just so much stuff that’s hidden in drawers, jammed into closets, accumulated in the […]