Movie Quote Thursday – Madness


Today’s Topic: Madness If you’re in to this sort of thing, March Madness is here. If you’re a sports nut, there’s almost nothing better because the excitement lasts for a few weeks as 68 teams compete to become the best NCAA basketball team in the country. The tournament is never without drama and surprise. If […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Don’t Look!


  Isn’t it odd how people avert their eyes to strangers? Why do we do this? The answer is two-fold: it depends on both our cultural background and our interpersonal relationship tendencies. For this short discussion, let’s focus on tendencies in Western Culture, where direct eye contact is not seen as particularly aggressive or inappropriate, […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Priorities


Q: Are you waiting to return a friend’s call or message? Q: Have you finished that little project at work you’ve been putting off? Q: Why do you keep procrastinating when it comes to getting to something in your life that you honestly want or need to get to? The answer to all of these types […]

What Do We Do Now?


Today’s Topic: What Do We Do Now? It seems that in the last several days, the vitriol and pessimism and acrimony and gloom about our upcoming change in leadership have been flowing at full force. Maybe I’m just seeing it that way because of the fierce deluge from a slightly right-slanted social media and traditional […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Short Days and Short Nights

THE PLAYER, Greta Scacchi, 1992, © Fine Line Features

Today’s Topic: Short Days and Short Nights Are you a night person or a morning person? Do you wake at 4:30am and hit the day hard, or do you feel your energy levels rise just after nightfall? When do you get going and when do you wind down? I’m both a day and a night […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Resolutions


As always, here is my year-end Movie Quote Thursday discussing “resolutions.” The most popular New Year’s Resolutions are: Lose weight Volunteer to help others Quit smoking Improve my education Get a better job Save money Get fit Eat healthy Manage stress Manage debt If we embark on a path to take our New Year’s resolutions […]