Cycle of Lives – Book Update

It’s hard to imagine, but a year has passed since I completed the almost 5,000-mile bike ride across the country to race funds and awareness for cancer care and research. As you probably are aware, the Cycle of Lives project involved chronicling 15 remarkable stories about people’s emotional journeys with cancer. Both experiences have been […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – A Matter of Timing


Things happen at the exact time they do, not a minute sooner, and not a minute later. This indisputable and uncontrollable truth can, depending on one’s desire to understand the greater meaning behind the critical moments of our lives, be both maddening and comforting. Cause and effect, coincidence, or some type of master plan are […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – Ordinary People


  What’s ordinary? It’s a fascinating question to contemplate when evaluating the impact that one person might have on others. After all, don’t we all yearn to be exposed to the extraordinary in others, to be moved by the uncommon in a generally common world? Almost all of the participants in my book project, which […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – Medals


  Youthful or experienced, fortunate or tragic, patient or caregiver, uncomplicated or implausible, concealed or observable; no matter which, these are the opposing and wide-spanning bookends that hold together the individual stories in my next book project in which I chronicle people’s emotional journeys with cancer. The events of these journeys vary widely from book […]