The Stupid Cancer Show


  Please take a moment to listen to the Stupid Cancer Show podcast. I spent time with Stupid Cancer’s founder, Matthew Zachary, discussing various facets of Cycle of Lives and the amazing people that I’m profiling in my upcoming book. Stupid Cancer is a large, meaningful organization whose mission is to help young adults with […]

Review – Voltaic Solar Charger


  I sometimes hate technology. Not because I have difficulties with the technology itself, but simply because the accessories to technology often are confusing, cumbersome, non-compatible, and just plain annoying. Why do I need so many different accessories, and why do I have dozens of plugs, adapters, chargers, extra wires, and the like? I swear […]

100 Days Out

  It’s midnight on the 23rd of December, two days before Christmas, and 100 days before I leave for the Cycle of Lives 5,000-mile solo bike ride across the country. Time is absolutely flying by. There are so many aspects to this project, that paying attention to everything causes me to be at once overwhelmed and in awe. […]

Cycle of Lives – T minus – 193


There are many moving parts to this extraordinarily crazy venture. Each day, the Cycle of Lives is gaining momentum, and I’m looking forward to being able to say that many times over in the next six months if the progress continues along in the same fashion. Here’s a quick update: Sponsorship – we are actively seeking […]

Cycle of Lives Update – 212 Days Away

I’m now seven months from embarking on the bike ride and I’m in full panic mode. There’s a lot to do – endless tasks really – and I’m trying to balance several different demands on my time not solely related to just this project. After all, I do have two high school seniors at home, […]

Cycle of Lives – T minus 243


Days In – 122 Days Away – 243 Today’s Topic: Time is Flying! Seems like summer just started and now it’s almost over. Holy cow. Days are filled with work, BBQs, family events, training and trying to get Cycle of Lives off the ground. The press is on and here’s where we at: -Our sponsorship […]