Cycle of Lives – Day 1


(photo: Cycle of Lives book subject Jen Domich) Stats: 86 miles, 2,100 feet of climbing, 10 1/2 hour touring day, 6:45 of actual pedaling, 81 degree average temperature. What a day. It’s pretty late and it was a long one, so I’ll keep it short. Day 1 began in Manhattan Beach, then we stopped in to […]

Cycle of Lives – Day T-minus 6 days

Cycle of Lives – Day -6 Here I am, six days from embarking upon the most ridiculous undertaking that I’ve ever done…by far: a 5,000-mile solo bike ride; 3 rest days out of 45; 100+ degree temps; 120-mile average days; and a logistical project so far above my head that I can barely describe what […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – “I Love My Life”


I Love My Life What are your deepest drivers, the internal triggers that motivate you to conduct yourself the way you do? Do some singular, overriding feelings like fear, optimism, or gratitude define who you are? Does some major event from your past control your actions? Or, is your engine powered by some complicated concoction […]

Cycle of Lives 85 days away


Remember Valentine’s Day earlier this year? Seems like it just happened, but it was about 85 days ago, the same number of days away from me leaving for my 5,000-mile bike solo bike ride at the beginning of September. That’s a scary thought! It’s creeping up like a long and powerful train and there’s no […]