Cycle of Lives – T-minus 356

Days In – 7 Days Away – 356 Today’s Topic: Self – Stepping on the Scale Who loves stepping onto a scale? What about stepping onto a scale naked, in a mirrored room, and waving a bunch of strangers over so they can measure you from all viewpoints? It’s a bit of a scary thing […]



Today’s Topic: Self-Assessment & Movie Quote Thursday Today’s Movie Quote Thursday presents an opportunity to discuss something of relevance to an announcement I put out yesterday. Therefore, I am combining and delivering this blog through a few outlets that I use in order to present the idea simultaneously. Pulling the trigger and announcing your intentions, […]

Cycle of Lives – T minus 365


Days In – 0 Days Away – 365 Today’s Topic: Announcement Day Today is Announcement Day. I didn’t pick today as some sort of contrivance in order to bring special attention to the fact that this announcement is not an April’s Fool prank. The reason I chose today is not gimmicky in the least. Nor […]