I was supposed to send this out yesterday, but I was technologically challenged! They finally figured a way to stretch time; to add hours to the day; to make the impossible finally possible. According to several sources, today, Friday, started sometime on Thursday afternoon. Of course, it’s called “Black Friday”, and the day starts earlier […]



Sometimes life isn’t neat and orderly. The lines between the different segments of our lives can be unclear – unless you’re an engineer or have some other type of well-organized, tabulated personality. For most of us, those lines can occasionally become blurred, which forces us to deal with issues on an “as they happen” basis, […]

Being Busy

Easy Rider

Last week I wrote…”Life is certainly one thing: uncertain.” – well, it’s certainly one other thing: busy! So forgive me for being late on the Movie Quote Thursday. But, what a topic to explore for just a minute – we all only have just about that much free time anyway. I often find myself daydreaming […]



We make decisions all day long every day; from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall asleep. Some decisions we don’t think about because they have become automatic behaviors and habits – they are the choices that we don’t put much thought into: what we eat for breakfast, what route we take […]



It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you probably spend a tremendous amount of time talking. Most of us are pretty good at that form of communication. More important than talking though, is the time we should spend listening – and especially reading body language, gauging responses, and sorting through all of the outside […]



Life is certainly one thing: uncertain. Just when we think we can settle in for a minute, something comes along and tries to unsettle us. Just when we think we have a grasp of something, it can slip through our hands or be ripped from our tight clenches. Just as we climb the highest mountain […]

No Regrets


Contemplating the subject of regret can be viewed from two overriding perspectives; whether you regret the things you do and say, or whether you regret the things you don’t do and say. I don’t know which is the right perspective – and it might depend on the subject matter – but I do think it’s […]