Cycle of Lives Book Subject – Replenishing a Soul



She was stubborn about her desired course of treatment. She was going to take control and beat cancer her way. She believed that a healthy lifestyle, a strong faith, and a will to employ the best non-traditional curative options would eradicate the breast cancer and let her get on to enjoying her husband and raising her boys. But months into that quest, things were looking bleak. Her husband begged her to seek traditional care. So she did, and she beat the cancer that was intent on killing her. But, was it the medical world and a strong constitution that cured her, or was it something else all together? You see, before her husband’s plea was accommodated, in a desperate attempt to live, Debra abandoned her faith, and secretly made a pact with the Devil.

She couldn’t dare tell anyone.

“Give me ten years,” she said to him. “Just give me enough time to get my youngest out of the house. Then you can have me. Then you can take whatever you want…even my soul.”

Was it coincidence that soon after she let her mind settle in to the arrangement her heart and soul had made, she started to get better? Was it the chemotherapy, and the surgery, and the radiation that sent the cancer out of her body? Or, was she the benefactor of the terms of her silent contract?

As the years went on, the demands of a life that included working hard and raising a family made it easy to file that contract away in some dark, dusty corner of her psyche, but one day it hit her square in the face. She raced to her computer and scanned the calendar in a panic. Nine years and eight months had passed by. Her blood froze.

Debra’s story is about cancer; it’s about the support groups and advocacy groups she’s dedicated to working with and the people she meets and helps along the way; it’s about how she overcame the prospect of dying too young, and leaving behind the people she loved; and it’s about one woman’s abandonment of – and then the struggle to recapture – her faith.