Cycle of Lives – Day T-minus 6 days


Cycle of Lives – Day -6

Here I am, six days from embarking upon the most ridiculous undertaking that I’ve ever done…by far: a 5,000-mile solo bike ride; 3 rest days out of 45; 100+ degree temps; 120-mile average days; and a logistical project so far above my head that I can barely describe what it is. All that, while in the midst of a basketful of life changes and challenges.

But, isn’t it exciting? Part of the reason that I sometimes dig myself a too-large hole to climb out of is to simply see how I’m going to get out of it, and if I’m made of enough substance to overcome the unknown challenges that lay ahead.

There are a million reasons I can think of to not take on this endeavor, but there are fifteen better ones to stay focused on the road ahead. Those fifteen reasons, the subjects of my book that explores the emotional journeys related to people who have been profoundly touched by cancer, are all the reasons I need to go forward.

A big part of me thinks, “Man are you stupid.” A bigger part of me thinks, “You’ll figure it out, somehow.”

It will help me immensely to have your support and for you to tell others to follow my progress.

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