Cycle of Lives – T-minus 336


Days In – 29
Days Away – 336

Today’s Topic: April’s Numbers

As far as accomplishments go, it was a pretty pitiful month for me. But, accomplishments suggest a destination point, some measurement that can be pointed to for validation of a job complete. And for me, seems there is nothing much in my life that is ever a job complete. It’s the journey, right?

On April 1 – not as an April’s Fool joke – I announced that I am going to be riding my bike 5,000 miles across and up the country and working on a comprehensive cancer book. The project, Cycle of Lives, is a pretty massive undertaking, not just because of the book and the ride, but because of trying to do all of the work around setup, administration, website design, putting together sponsorship and partner packages, sketching out my media plan, and a dozen more related activities. I still haven’t come close to wrapping my arms around things yet, but I’m beginning to understand just how aggressive an undertaking this is going to be.

Along with Cycle of Lives, I am trying to balance building my consulting business from scratch, writing two other books, holding down a household that is me and my 17-year old twins, helping one of my kids with her dream to golf in college (which is a full time job in and of itself), preparing both of them to have the college experience they desire, ramp up training for the ride, and all the while in the backdrop of fear and anxiety for having left my job and income behind to reinvent my life and jump on to the paths that I have always dreamed of taking. And there’s so much more to do in addition to all that.

So the numbers for April:

• Writing – Wrote/Rewrote 105 pages
• Ramped Up Healthy Eating Diet – Lost 9 pounds, most fat.
• Training – Rode 240 miles, ran 18 miles, gym 6 times. Ugh. Pitiful.
• Hours Chasing Dreams – 14 hours per day (I used to call this “work”)
• Books read – 1
• Audible Books “Read” – 3
• Podcasts Listened to – at least 15
• Days Away on Business/Personal – 12
• Unique Social Media Posts – 50+
• Sleep – Averaged just under 6.5 hours per night

I don’t measure everything, and I don’t measure every instance of those items above, but I’m confident that these numbers are accurate. So how did I do overall? Not so hot. Each day is draining hours of time that are not productive relative to several of my most important initiatives. That said, with two high school juniors to take care of, there’s hardly an apology needed. Now is a great time with them for sure, but I am somewhat pulled in ten different directions, as a result.

Next month my major focus areas are the following:

1. At least triple my training time and distances.
2. Continue to go hard on the nutrition front and lose another 10 pounds.
3. Double my writing output.

Bold goals, but if I set them lower and accomplish them, I’ll wonder if I aimed high enough.

Exploring slivers of the infinite Cycle of Lives.