Cycle of Lives – T-minus 356


Days In – 7
Days Away – 356

Today’s Topic: Self – Stepping on the Scale

Who loves stepping onto a scale? What about stepping onto a scale naked, in a mirrored room, and waving a bunch of strangers over so they can measure you from all viewpoints? It’s a bit of a scary thing to think about doing. I read the other day that on average we are untruthful three times within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. We lie three times to people we don’t know – who in most cases couldn’t care less about what we are saying – and we do so receiving no value other than some type of shallow, quasi-satisfying ego-petting exercise. Attempting to cover up our fears and doubts and self-consciousness by putting up false fronts and diverting truth to lie may be our natural inclination, but do we get any further in life by doing so? The truth is that by lying to others, we lie to ourselves. And when we lie to ourselves, we create and propagate an existence that never allows us to maximize what we can become. Lies are links in the chains that bind our hearts and minds; they stunt our growth; they become the objects that prevent us from our destinies. And the older we get, and the more practiced we are at delusion, and the more times we walk past the mirror averting our eyes to the view, the further we drift off the path of self-realization, enlightenment, and actualization. If you think you’re being honest with others and yourself about where you are in your development, in your ability to relate to others with honesty, in being aware enough of yourself to take charge of the course you should be on in order to fulfill your maximum self, then strip down, get in a mirrored room, step on the scale and wave your arms for attention; measure yourself and allow yourself to be measured.
Measuring is not judgment, measuring is assessment. Judgment comes only by attaching personal values to assessment. If you step onto a scale and measure yourself, the number displayed is only an honest assessment of your current weight, and depending on a number of factors such as height, build and age, is only one manner in which you can attempt to determine your health. That’s all it is.

Whether your current weight is acceptable to you, and whether you care what others think about your weight requires values-based contemplation, opinion formulation and ultimately, some form of judgment. There’s no disputing if you are 25 pounds heavier than you should be according to accepted medical theory, that you should lose weight in order to be healthier. But, how you look or how you perceive the 25-pounds-overweight-naked-you in the mirror or how you might be judged as a result of your current condition, those are all forms of judgment. The same goes for any condition you’d care to measure: be it mental, emotional, physical, psychological or otherwise.

How aspirational a goal would it to be able to open ourselves up to honest assessment, to be willing to measure our current state of affairs in a truthful, relatable, meaningful way? Imagine if we were armed with a true and complete self-assessment in order that we might know exactly where we are today. If we took the time to do that, then we would have an accurate point of reference from which to begin our journey to tomorrow on purpose. Some people might not need to go through such an exercise because they have their lives in order, they are keenly in sync with themselves, they have a clear vision of their present state and are properly centered on their intended paths – but that’s the rare individual. Other people just don’t care about their current state and have no intended path. I think most people are in the middle of those extremes – I certainly am – and they need regular assessment, calibration, and direction. Most people want to live their lives on purpose and with purpose even as their needs evolve and their goals change and their measurements move from year to year.

Shouldn’t life be a continuum of definable points along a journey of fulfillment where we stop to measure our status and direction with open eyes and truthful hearts?

For me, now is the time to measure a point on that continuum. I know where I want my journey to lead me, but without the proper evaluation of today’s self, I won’t be able to effect any real or purposeful change to help get me there. In order that I might prevent self-delusion – and the derailment that is caused by blocking out the truth, I’m going to stand naked on the scales of self-assessment, surrounded by mirrors that are wiped clean of self-serving misreflection. I’m going to take down the measurements, truthfully assess my current condition(s), and calibrate my compass to take me on a course from today towards adventure and personal conquest.
Next time, I’m reporting on what the scales read. Assessment, not judgment.

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