Daylight Savings


Today’s Topic: Daylight Savings

How great would it be if only we could have just a bit more time every day? There’s no denying that some people are busier than others, but pretty much everybody is busy; we try to cram so much into 24 hours. With careers, family life, artistic pursuits, athletic endeavors, friends, travel, and more vying for our attention throughout the day, we can often find ourselves feeling like we have not gotten very much done when we finally lay our spinning heads on the pillow at night.

Recently, I’ve found myself extraordinarily busy. It’s possible that I might be attempting to juggle too many balls at once, but either way, I need more time. If you’re anything like at lot of people I’ve talked to lately, you’re saying “There’s just not enough time in the day!” I’ve said it a million times over.

Alas, here comes a savior, maybe not in the form of a solution to all of our time needs, but at least Mr. Daylight Saving time is bringing an extra hour of glorious daylight to us, and it’s coming our way this Sunday. I’d love to get into the history of Daylight Savings Time (DST), because it is an interesting and controversial subject, but I’ll save that for next year, as the 100th anniversary of DST occurs in 2016. For now, I’m just thankful that longer days are coming.

Okay, now I don’t actually think we get one more hour each day – I’m not rushing out to get a patent on a 25-hour clock – but for me, something about more daylight each day makes it feel like the days are longer. After the clocks change, nothing really happens other than us artificially stealing away some of the night and giving it to the day – Mr. Daylight Savings Time is man’s way of attempting a little Robin Hood on the cosmos. And I’m all for it. I feel less tired overall, I have more energy later in the day, and I feel more optimistic and calm. I gladly take the hour of daylight because I immediately find myself with a lighter heart, a clearer mind, and a fresher disposition.

I might be crazy to feel all of those things, but if I’m crazy I’ll take it. You see, Mr. Daylight Savings Times is also a great therapist, and he only takes one hour of time on a Sunday in March in exchange for months and months of peace and energy. I love that guy.

Here are a few movie quotes that come to mind on the subject…

“Life seems to have one single purpose – gaining time.” –Morgan Freeman in Lucy

“Some days are two sizes to small.” –Aaron Eckhart in The Rum Diary

“The most valuable commodity is time.” –Michael Douglas in Wall Street: Money Never Sleep