Movie Quote – 154 Days



Over the years, I have written often on the subject of “time.” Whether discussing how fast or slow it moves or how valuable it is or how we can find more of it, attempting to grasp the actual concept of time can be a frustrating and pointless exercise at best. We may understand the definition of time: that it is the indefinite constant connecting the past, the present, and the future, but that doesn’t help explain things such as how a particular flash of time can stay with us forever, yet years can fly by in the blink of an eye.

We can contemplate and conceptualize time in three general ways: 1) in anticipation of something – like how unbelievably far away that summer trip with the family seems right now, 2) in remembrance of something – like how the face of a long-passed loved one stays forever fresh inside our thoughts even decades later, 3) in being truly present in the here and now – like fully enjoying the last light of a winter’s cloudy, red, sunset, and feeling true peace and harmony with life in that beautiful moment.

I think that no matter in the past, the future, or the present, time is both frozen and fleeting, easily captured and cherished in our hearts and minds, yet too elusive to ever be touched or understood.

My 5,000-mile solo bike ride across the country to raise funds and awareness for cancer is being delayed for 154 days. The Cycle of Lives event is a major focus for me both in energy and time, and although September 2nd seems like forever away, I imagine one day I’ll look back and think how fast that time whizzed by. Luckily there will be a lot of sunsets between then and now to contemplate the moments I want to hold tightly.

How do you contemplate, measure, and try to understand time? I’d love to hear your thoughts. For now, though, here’s a few movie quotes on the topic of time:

“There’s no present like the time.” Maggie Smith in The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

“It’s funny how when you’re a kid a day can last forever and now all these years seem like a blink.” David Morse in Hearts in Atlantis

“You can’t hurry things any more than you can stop them.” Greta Scacci in The Player