Movie Quote Thursday – Back to the Future

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, 1989

BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, Michael J. Fox, Christopher Lloyd, 1989

Do you remember where you were on June 16th, 1990? I do. I was reclined in a beach chair, enjoying a beautiful early summer’s day in Oahu, Hawaii, reading Stephen King’s book, The Stand. I had read a few other books written by him, but that particular book was exceptionally frightening and gripping, so much so that the words commanded my attention even more than the bikinis – especially on June 16th, some 25 years ago. In the book, a plague is accidentally released by the U.S. Military, killing 99% of the world’s population. The book goes on to deal with the issues of good versus evil, love in a post-apocalyptic world, and the greater question of if man can learn from his mistakes.

Why do I remember where I was on that date? Because I was reading the book on the exact day that the plague was released on the world – well, the fictional plague, anyway. And it was creepy and still haunts me a little each time someone talks about Stephen King, or each time I reach for one of his other books, or each time a movie or television show comes on that was based on one of his books or short stories.

As some of you might know, especially movie fans, a very popular movie, Back to the Future (part 2), has a special day coming up: October 21st, 2015 is the day Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown set as their destination in the time machine. The movie was made 25 years ago, and the “future” as presented in the movie is in a few days.

Thankfully, no plague has taken out 99% of the world’s population – thanks for getting that one wrong, Stephen. Similarly, the writers of Back to the Future, got a few things wrong, such as flying cars aren’t quite a reality yet, but they did predict a few things pretty accurately: we are using bio-fuels, hover boards aren’t exactly what was depicted, but they exist, as does fingerprint technology, believable holograms, and robot cleaners.

Okay, so Back to the Future day might be more for movie geeks than the general population, but if you were to make a movie about going 25 years in the future, what would 2040 look like to you?

Let’s hope we all get to find out if you’re right.

With those thoughts in mind, here are a few movie quotes on the topic:

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future 2

“I think we’re in big trouble.” Gary Sinise in The Stand

“Life doesn’t care about your vision. You just gotta roll with it.” Harold Ramis in Knocked Up

“The time-traveling is just too dangerous. Better that I devote myself to study the other great mystery of the universe: women!” Christopher Lloyd in Back to the Future 2