Movie Quote Thursday – Express Yourself

Chistopher Walken plays Max Zorin in "A Kill to a View" Original Filename: AVTAK_Max_Zorin.jpg


We live in amazing times, don’t we? Life moves at an especially fast pace; convenience is almost always within our grasp; opportunity emanates from endless sources; technological, medicinal, and educational advancements are prolonging life and enhancing living conditions, and the ceilings to our personal and professional growth and accomplishment are virtually limitless. The world is not perfect, nor will it ever be, but yes, we are definitely living in bright times.

I think this is no more apparent than when contemplating the scope and condition of art in today’s world. When it comes the subject of art, I think we are living in the most extraordinary and significant time ever. Not only are we fortunate to be able to admire, contemplate, and examine the societies and the individuals that define historical art, but we have a bountiful flow of immensely talented people from all walks of live who work in an new and endless array of mediums, and we are able to witness an infinite and ceaseless flow of art being created around us every day. Most importantly, if one has a desire to produce art, all one needs to do is start producing.

If you have a yearning to express yourself artistically, there is no material in today’s world that limits the type of canvas you can draw upon, and we have so many forms of art today that were never even imagined in years past. What inspires you? Music, video games, clothing, painting, sculpture, the written word, lighting, animation, engraving, tattooing, theater, graffiti, fractal art, dance, commentary, creative writing, culinary arts…the list would be a mile long before looking complete. And what are the barriers to entrance? Your own self-imposed limitations.

I was visiting some friends the other day, and one of them is producing jaw-dropping art. His pieces are not quite photography, and they are not quite digitally enhanced photography; his pieces can only be described as art. When I asked him how and when he started producing these ineffable pieces, he let me know that he began a short time ago and that he simply just started to create.

Now that his eye and his imagination are set free, I anticipate that his expression will be as prolific as it is extraordinary. And he simply started. If you start, please show off your art. It will move people.

With that in mind, here are a few movie quotes on the topic: 

“In every living soul, a spirit cries for expression.” Screen Title in The Jazz Singer

“Intuitive improvisation – it’s the secret to genius.” Christopher Walken in A View to a Kill 

“Not everyone can become a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere.” Peter O’Toole in Ratatouille

“Stop worrying about ‘what if’ and start embracing ‘what could be’.” Hillary Swank in New Year’s Eve