Movie Quote Thursday – I’m Not Complaining, But…


Movie Quote Thursday – I’m Not Complaining, but…

Are you a complainer? I’m not usually a big grumbler myself. That’s because most of the situations I find myself in are self-created, and thus complaining doesn’t really ring so true with others or myself, if I’m being completely honest. I can’t very well complain about being tired while running a marathon if I’m the one that signed up for the event. Who would I be complaining to? Similarly, I can’t complain about the stresses of trying to start my own consulting company, the various writing projects I’m deep into, or preparing for the cross-country charity bike ride I’m organizing – these endeavors are all my own choices and if I don’t like the heat, I should get out of the kitchen, so to speak. But, sometimes I do want to need to vent, even if it means slinging some mud…

Just the other day, I was bellyaching to someone about the lack of response to many of my communication efforts on the various endeavors I’m trying to move forward. I can’t nearly get to all the things I need to do everyday, but I’m really good at responding to phone calls and emails. I figure that if somebody takes the time to reach out to me in the hopes that I’ll respond to their call to action, then I have an obligation to take that request seriously. I guess a part of me really wishes others would take the same approach and sense of urgency towards my outbound communications as I do with their inbound communications.

The person whom I was complaining to reminded me of something I am very fond of saying myself: that everybody is busy. “They all only have the same 24 hours each day,” she said, “and maybe they are just too busy with their own demands to respond to you as quickly as you want.”

Everybody’s going through something.” I was forced to remind myself. Ugh. Way to throw my own thoughts back at me. But, she was right.

If you’re trying to make things happen, whether it’s attempting to close a big sale, get an appointment with an important contact, bring a project to completion, or reach a professional or personal goal that requires the engagement of others, you sometimes need to be patient. People work on their own timeframes, they are busy tending to the things on their own plates, and maybe they just need a reminder that you’re waiting on them for something.

So, to all those I’m still waiting to hear from:

Do it for your own reasons, or don’t do it.” – Robert Redford in Indecent Proposal

Aim higher, people.” – Keegan-Michael Key in Pitch Perfect 2

Never ask for what ought to be offered.” – Jennifer Lawrence in Winter’s Bone

What’s happening somewhere else always seems more important.” – Kate Winslet in Carnage