Movie Quote Thursday – Priorities


Q: Are you waiting to return a friend’s call or message?

Q: Have you finished that little project at work you’ve been putting off?

Q: Why do you keep procrastinating when it comes to getting to something in your life that you honestly want or need to get to?

The answer to all of these types of questions is the same: priorities. You have your priorities, the things and people that matter, and then you have your options, those things and people that draw your attention, but which in doing so comes at the expense of your priorities.

A friend of mine always uses the “rocks, pebbles, sand” analogy for prioritizing your day. The rocks are the “must-do” items, the pebbles are the “should do” items, and the sand is all the other non-important items that come up each day. To fill the jar –with the jar representing a productive day – you have to put the rocks in first, then pebbles, then the sand. If you put the sand and pebbles in first, there won’t be enough room for the rocks.

Anytime I feel frustrated over my ability to prioritize – or when others frustrate me because of their lack of communication or their indolence, I think, “…we always have time and motivation for the important things.” If you got a call needing you to pick up a sick kid from school, or if your boss’s boss left a message for you, or if tickets for the show you just had see were available, you’d find a way to get to the school, return the message, or try to obtain the tickets.

We’re certainly not perfect; it’s impossible to think each minute can be spent as if it is our immediate and most important priority. But I can do better, and maybe you can, too, when it comes to getting to the important things. What are you putting in your jar?

After all, time is flying by…

With that, here are a few movie quotes that come to mind:

“Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for never.” Tom Cruise in Night and Day

“We are who we choose to be.” –Willem Dafoe in Spider-Man

“If a guy doesn’t call you, he just doesn’t want to call you.” –Justin Long in He’s Just Not That Into You