Movie Quote Thursday – Short Days and Short Nights

THE PLAYER, Greta Scacchi, 1992, © Fine Line Features

Today’s Topic: Short Days and Short Nights

Are you a night person or a morning person? Do you wake at 4:30am and hit the day hard, or do you feel your energy levels rise just after nightfall? When do you get going and when do you wind down?

I’m both a day and a night person. I always cherish the time when the days are long and hot. I love being outdoors under the sun. I love the heat and the endless hours of summer sunshine. I love the feeling of accomplishing everything on a long list and then it still being light out. I love enjoying long, lingering evenings under a still-glowing sky. On the other hand, I also love staying up late and enjoying the nighttime. I love the energy and the lights and the activity that comes with the night – the movies, the restaurants, the dressing up, the music and dancing. I love the winding down of a late night; the one, or two, or even three o’clock hour that reveals unique, electric, and mysterious things to those few that keep moving toward the ever far away moment when you have to call it quits and slink into a few hours of deep sleep.

I love the world around me, but I sure wouldn’t mind each day languishing on until finally the dark arrives and each nighttime hour lethargically ticking towards the haunting late, late hours…I wonder if then I could feel as though time weren’t going so fast…

With that, here are a few movie quotes that come to mind on the point…

“Life seems to have one single purpose – gaining time.” –Morgan Freeman in Lucy

“Some days are two sizes too small.” –Aaron Eckhart in The Rum Diary

“You can’t hurry things any more than you can stop them.” –Greta Scacci in The Player