Today’s Topic: Self-Assessment & Movie Quote Thursday

Today’s Movie Quote Thursday presents an opportunity to discuss something of relevance to an announcement I put out yesterday. Therefore, I am combining and delivering this blog through a few outlets that I use in order to present the idea simultaneously.

Pulling the trigger and announcing your intentions, whether your intended endeavor is an athletic event or a personal pursuit, whether it is related to business or is some other type of meaningful project, is never easy. Committing to undertake any insane venture – especially into unknown and treacherous territories – is more than not easy; it’s a hell of a scary freaking thing to do.

Yesterday I announced the “Cycle of Lives” project. The “Cycle of Lives” will begin on April 1st, 2016, when I embark on a 5,000-mile bike ride across the country and up the east coast. Along the way, I’ll be meeting up with between 15-20 people who will be the subjects of the “Cycle of Lives” book I am writing. I’ll be spending a year documenting these poignant and inspiring stories, in a memoir-ish fashion, as each relates to their own experience with cancer. From patients to caregivers, from researchers to fundraisers, these stories will explore the combination of four overriding concepts: types of cancer, stages of cancer, stages of life, and human emotions, and collectively encompass the “Cycle of Lives” experience.

That is a pretty huge endeavor and putting it out into the universe, which is my way of fully committing to it, has knocked the proverbial wind out of me. Doing a 5,000-mile bike ride, producing a book of that magnitude that anybody would want to read, being on the road and away from my kids, my life, and my work for 8-9 weeks – the whole thing – has me gasping for air, even if the punching in the gut was at my own hand. It’s not just the actual event that looms large, but there is so much physical, mental, logistical, and emotional preparation and training that will need to be done in order to become properly equipped to pull it all off. I know that I’ll catch my breath and get down to things soon, and as a dear person used to constantly remind me, “One bite at a time.” That’s what he’d say was the right way to eat an elephant. And that’s what needs to be done when tackling any formidable challenge, chewing just a little bit off each day.

The first step to begin to plan for any major undertaking (after you make the declaration, of course) is to have a proper assessment of your current condition. It is important to measure every facet of the here and now so that you can have an honest and complete evaluation of things. Then, once you have a keen understanding of the current status, you can better plan how to bridge the gaps between today and the critical points of embarkation.

If you’re thinking about a big announcement or you have your sights set on a major accomplishment, but you fear the distance that needs to be covered between now and then, remember that anything worthwhile is worth the effort – and you only have to bite off a little piece each day. So why not declare something major and get to chewing.

With that, here are a few movie quotes that I think apply nicely.

“I’m kicking my ass! Do yah mind?!” –Jim Carrey in Liar Liar

“Small steps, Sparks.” –David Morse in Contact

“You can do it!” –Rob Schneider in The Waterboy

“Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who the things that no one can imagine.” –Keira Knightley in The Imitation Game

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