Movie Quote Thursday – Coincidences


  Have you ever experienced a coincidence that just makes you shake your head at how small our seemingly infinitesimal universal can be at times? And when the coincidence happens, it speaks to you about the greater forces that are sometimes at work behind the scenes? Well, I’ve had a string of coincidences lately. As […]

Movie Quote Thursday – “3-Year Projects”


What’s the difference between a project and a to-do list item? The amount of time needed to complete the task. Everything that takes more than a few days to complete is a project, and projects can be labeled in many ways: short-term projects, summer projects, long-term projects, 10-year projects, etc. I’m involved in several different […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Perspective


Movie Quote Thursday – Perspective As some of you might be aware, I find the idea of “perspective” a particularly elusive and evocative concept. When we are given a healthy dose of perspective – either self-sourced or served up by others – it can make our heads spin and leave us bewildered. Lately, substantial opportunities […]



It doesn’t matter what you do in life, you probably spend a tremendous amount of time talking. Most of us are pretty good at that form of communication. More important than talking though, is the time we should spend listening – and especially reading body language, gauging responses, and sorting through all of the outside […]