Movie Quote Thursday – How You Doing?


  We don’t often want the answer to that question when we ask it, do we? Somebody calls you, or you see someone in the elevator, or in a public or social or work situation in which you don’t really expect them to give you a real answer, but instinctively you ask, “How’s it going?” […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Practice


  Have you read the book “Outliers”, written by Malcolm Gladwell? Even If you didn’t, you still no doubt have heard of his famous theory that in order to master most fields, one needs to put in 10,000 hours of focused practice. If one were to practice something in a focused manner for four hours […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Perspective


Movie Quote Thursday – Perspective As some of you might be aware, I find the idea of “perspective” a particularly elusive and evocative concept. When we are given a healthy dose of perspective – either self-sourced or served up by others – it can make our heads spin and leave us bewildered. Lately, substantial opportunities […]


Life of Pi

If you’re like most people, clutter abounds over time – at home, in the office and in our personal lives. At home, it is sometimes hard to part with things that we have owned for a while like clothes and knick-knacks and…well…just so much stuff that’s hidden in drawers, jammed into closets, accumulated in the […]