Cycle of Lives – T-minus 336

Days In – 29 Days Away – 336 Today’s Topic: April’s Numbers As far as accomplishments go, it was a pretty pitiful month for me. But, accomplishments suggest a destination point, some measurement that can be pointed to for validation of a job complete. And for me, seems there is nothing much in my life […]

Cycle of Lives – T-minus 342

Days In – 23 Days Away – 342 Today’s Topic: Diet and Exercise Tracking Tool I’ve recently been asked how I know if my diet and exercise plans are on track. If you’re not focused on a specific diet and exercise plan, then maybe generally knowing where you’re at is okay. I think we could […]

Cycle of Lives – T-minus 347

Days In – 18 Days Away – 347 Today’s Topic: C.S. Lewis For the third time in as many months, this past weekend I listened to the C. S. Lewis audio book of “The Art of Writing and the Gifts of Writers.” I am fascinated by the book, not just because the collection of short […]

Cycle of Lives – T-minus 350 Days

Days In – 15 Days Away – 350 Today’s Topic: The Measurements How long has it been since you let your imagination roam free, since you audaciously dreamt about what could still happen in your life? When did you last allow your thoughts to roam the unfettered and uninhibited space that your optimistic mind created? […]

Cycle of Lives – T-minus 356

Days In – 7 Days Away – 356 Today’s Topic: Self – Stepping on the Scale Who loves stepping onto a scale? What about stepping onto a scale naked, in a mirrored room, and waving a bunch of strangers over so they can measure you from all viewpoints? It’s a bit of a scary thing […]


Today’s Topic: Self-Assessment & Movie Quote Thursday Today’s Movie Quote Thursday presents an opportunity to discuss something of relevance to an announcement I put out yesterday. Therefore, I am combining and delivering this blog through a few outlets that I use in order to present the idea simultaneously. Pulling the trigger and announcing your intentions, […]

Cycle of Lives – T minus 365

Days In – 0 Days Away – 365 Today’s Topic: Announcement Day Today is Announcement Day. I didn’t pick today as some sort of contrivance in order to bring special attention to the fact that this announcement is not an April’s Fool prank. The reason I chose today is not gimmicky in the least. Nor […]