Movie Quote Thursday – Change for Change

    Movie Quote Thursday – Change for Change I’ve been saving up spare change for the last 6 or 7 years, and the other day, I put it to use. In the middle of dealing with my kids going away to college, getting engaged, preparing for my 5,000-mile bike ride across America, balancing work […]

Movie Quote Thursday – How Full Is Your Glass?

Which are you, half full or half empty? I’m an “always full” kind of person; there are pretty much endless amounts of water (optimism), and when looking at the glass, if there’s room left over, then air (more optimism) fills the rest of the glass up. My cup is almost always full, if not actually […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Multi-tasking

  Okay, so I’ve read plenty of articles and sat through several seminars in which the topic of “multi-tasking” was examined. I don’t remember all of the details behind the conclusions presented by the authors and presenters, but I do remember two of the main conclusions: 1) Men aren’t wired to be able to multi-task, […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Travel

Movie Quote Thursday – Travel It’s summertime and we’re hitting the roadways, airways, and waterways in search of a few minutes’ peace and relaxation. The beaches, canyons, monuments, museums, and double rainbows await us. All we have to do is get there and settle into our surroundings. And sometimes that’s easier said than done. I […]

Movie Quote Thursday – How They Grow

  Movie Quote Thursday – How They Grow Okay, okay. I know I’m not the only one with kids. Most of you have kids, and even grandkids. If you do or don’t have those, you might have nieces, nephews, step kids, etc. And as a result, there are many places of common ground on which […]

Movie Quote Thursday – One in a Billion

  12 men have walked on the moon. 12. Taking into account the number of people in the history of mankind, that’s less than 1 in a billion people. Try to wrap your brain around that number. As my girlfriend and I were making our way to dinner last week –– a dinner with one […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Anger

Movie Quote Thursday – Anger What the hell is going on lately? It seems that everywhere we turn today people are angry, and I don’t quite understand it. People are mad at Trump; they’re mad at Obama; they’re mad at those who don’t get mad at Trump or Obama. People are angry at Europe and […]

Movie Quote Thursday – How You Doing?

  We don’t often want the answer to that question when we ask it, do we? Somebody calls you, or you see someone in the elevator, or in a public or social or work situation in which you don’t really expect them to give you a real answer, but instinctively you ask, “How’s it going?” […]