Hurt or Injured?

  So yesterday was a “peak” running day. Michelle (not her real name) has been training hard for 15 weeks. The idea was to start at basically no regular or sustained running mileage, and complete the training to attempt a 50-mile run in only 24 weeks – an aggressive undertaking. We have focused on building […]

Running, Not Racing

  Running, Not Racing Running a half-marathon is a major accomplishment. We are getting ready to run – not race – one tomorrow, in Lake Tahoe, so there will be plenty of altitude and hills. I am getting a special kick out of the fact that the half-marathon is just a training run. Imagine that […]

Running a 50-miler: Pacing

Pacing The weekly cumulative mileage goals to build to a 50-mile run over a 24-week period are noted below. We are in the 12th week. All but a very few of the 150 runs have but one purpose: to build our aerobic engine. Back in the day, we called this “LSD” – no, not the […]

Meaningful Change – Steps 9 and 10

If you’re following along, here are the last two steps in our 10 Steps to Meaningful Change exercise we’ve been doing recently. First though, here’s a brief recap of Steps 1-8: Step 1 – Have an Honest, Deep, Heart-to-Heart with Yourself – Ask yourself if you’re making you a priority. Are you accomplishing what you need […]

Meaningful Change – Steps 6 – 8 of 10

  If you missed my last few posts, in those, we discussed the first 5 steps of the 10 Steps to Meaningful Change. In case you don’t have the time to go back and read about steps 1-5, here’s a brief recap: Step 1. Have an Honest, Deep, Heart-to-Heart with Yourself – Ask yourself if you’re making you a […]

10 Steps to Meaningful Change – Steps 1-3

Today, we are discussing Steps 1-3 in the 10 Steps to Meaningful Change presentation. What do I mean by “meaningful” change? Meaningful change is characterized as that which has a profound impact on our daily routines, activities, and focus items. Examples of meaningful change might include finishing a degree, opening a business, writing a book, […]