Meaningful Change – Steps 9 and 10

If you’re following along, here are the last two steps in our 10 Steps to Meaningful Change exercise we’ve been doing recently. First though, here’s a brief recap of Steps 1-8:

Step 1 – Have an Honest, Deep, Heart-to-Heart with Yourself – Ask yourself if you’re making you a priority. Are you accomplishing what you need to accomplish for you?

Step 2 – Make a Dreams List – Think big. What would you love to do in life?

Step 3 – Stop Dreaming and Start Doing – I asked you to make a list of up to 3 meaningful, obtainable, life goals.

Step 4 – Ask Yourself: What’s Stopping Me From Pursuing My Dreams and Goals – Make a list of the major obstacles in your life, both internal and external.

Step 5 – Take “The Beach Ball True Me Self-Assessment” – Step 5 involves identifying the most important realizations about yourself in four major categories: Values, Strengths, Weaknesses, Geniuses

Step 6 – Value Your Values: You need to put your values at the forefront of your decision-making process. Remember to focus on what is important to you. By valuing your values, you will be properly motivated to take meaningful, personal, action.

Step 7 – Understand Your Limiting Factors: It is important to accept that you can be limited by both your strengths and your weaknesses. Utilize your strengths, avoid your weaknesses, but don’t let either limit the changes you need to make in yourself.

Step 8 – Leverage Your Geniuses: Are you utilizing your best and strongest qualities to your maximum benefit in life? Are you doing what you should be doing?

What are the final two steps? Once you have decided to take action towards making meaningful change in you life, they are the most important parts of the process.

Step 9 – Actually Make the Meaningful Changes

This sounds simple, but let’s face the truth right now: you’ve made plans to change before – maybe even elaborate, well-conceived, plans – and then failed to actually put the plan in place. Remember that time you started a diet and didn’t adhere to it completely? How about the time you sat down to write a business plan around your great idea and then let life get in the way? Remember you said you wanted to write a book, run a marathon, volunteer at the hospital, be a better parent?

Today starts right now.  Stop procrastinating and get to the work of employing your plan. Start living for yourself and accept that you need to start making the meaningful change that will lead to your true happiness in life.

Step 1- – Embrace the Pain of Change

Change hurts. Sometimes, change hurts a lot. But it also feels so good. The saying, “Nothing worth having is easy to attain,” is the truth at the center of change. You’ll find yourself climbing peaks of joy and descending into valleys of despair along the journey to meaningful change. Accept that it will hurt. Do not falter. Do not give up. Embrace the pain. It will all be over soon.

Once you accept that change comes with pain, you’ll become accustomed to the pain that often accompanies meaningful change. Once accepted, you will find that you can handle more than you ever thought you could.

Good luck on your journey and please, keep sending me your comments, suggestions, and questions.

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