Running 50 miles – UPDATE


It’s go time. The rubber is going to hit the road – so to speak. More accurately, the shoes are going to hit the trail. I’ve been training with Ms. “X” for a few months now, and our goal event is less than 48-hours away. When she started training, she had never run more than 8 miles. Our training leading up to this event has seen her run many times over 10 miles, a few runs of 15 miles, one run of 20 miles, and a long run of 25 miles. The biggest training week was over almost 60 miles.

On Saturday, in 90-degree weather, she’ll attempt to cover 50 miles running on trails, with a combined ascend of over 8,000 feet.

A lot of people have asked her what’s it going to be like to run 50 miles. She’s appropriately answered, “I have no idea.”

Some preparation is done in replica – practice something over and over so that you can be supremely prepared for anything that might happen. But with something like a 50-miler, there really is no “being prepared.” My plan was to get her in a physical and mental state to attempt to run 50 miles, and she’s done the work and shed a little blood, sweat, and tears along the way. And she’s definitely ready to give it a go.

When you attempt to obtain a really big goal, you should do all you can to get ready, then go and see what the day brings, and give it all you’ve got. She’s got stubbornness and self-belief in her corner, so I’m confident she’ll see the finish line.

What’s it going to be like to try and run 50 miles? I’d like to tell her, but that might scare her out of doing the run. (Shhhh…it’s going to hurt like hell).