Running, Not Racing



Running, Not Racing

Running a half-marathon is a major accomplishment. We are getting ready to run – not race – one tomorrow, in Lake Tahoe, so there will be plenty of altitude and hills. I am getting a special kick out of the fact that the half-marathon is just a training run. Imagine that your first ½ is just a training run. That’s an empowering thought really, and I hope that my “project” (that’s what I am allowed to call her!) crosses the line feeling strong!

We are in the 13th week of a 24-week training regimen geared towards running 50 miles. This is a build week – 45 miles, capped by a half-marathon coming up tomorrow. Just a short two months ago, all I heard was, “Running 5 miles is impossible!” Now, just this week will include a 3, two 5s, a 9, a 10, and a 13 mile run.

One can accomplish so much with the proper training and motivation. The real test will be next week: 55 miles of long slow running – on the heels of this week’s mileage. Special attention is being paid to keeping the proper form on all runs, getting plenty of sleep, and working on hydration and nutrition needs.

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