Movie Quote Thursday – Don’t Look!

  Isn’t it odd how people avert their eyes to strangers? Why do we do this? The answer is two-fold: it depends on both our cultural background and our interpersonal relationship tendencies. For this short discussion, let’s focus on tendencies in Western Culture, where direct eye contact is not seen as particularly aggressive or inappropriate, […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Talk To Me

Those three words can solve most of the problems we face every day. I’ve often written on the topic of communication, exploring many aspects of the subject: connection, articulation, expression, delivery, and more. If you’re a long time reader, you remember one my more popular pieces, “The Corrugated Box Theory,” which discusses how delivery is […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Unity

  Life is mostly unpredictable. We can be moving along a defined path one day, and then jump – or be pushed – onto another path the next. One of the greatest wonders of humankind is that you never know what changes tomorrow can bring, nor do you know the short or long term effects […]