Lending Hearts Community Member

This was so good! It will be hard to believe, but I was actually speechless while listening to David. The mission behind the Cycle of Lives is so powerful! Thank you for offering this.

Vasso Paliouras
Founder and Executive Director of Lending Hearts

Your discussion with us was real. Yes, you share real stories and the individuals behind them, but your sharing and the time you gave us was just as real, authentic and appreciated.  You recognize that each person’s journey is unique to them and you give light and love to acknowledging that.  Every person needs a voice, whether they realize it or not. Thank you for saying, 'tell me more.

Jennefer Boyer
Executive Director, Team Survivor Northwest

Our nonprofit organization supports women who have had a cancer diagnosis through fitness programs, so when I read David Richman's book, Cycle of Lives, I knew his experiences would appeal to our community on multiple levels. David has a compelling story of his own and is also able to share others' stories in a way that retains their perspective and individualism. Even after his success as an athlete, writer and speaker, he has stayed authentic to himself, presenting in a sincere, relatable manner. He gives back to the community at every opportunity and it is clear that he has found joy by living each day of his life to the fullest.