Cycle of Lives – Book Update

It’s hard to imagine, but a year has passed since I completed the almost 5,000-mile bike ride across the country to race funds and awareness for cancer care and research. As you probably are aware, the Cycle of Lives project involved chronicling 15 remarkable stories about people’s emotional journeys with cancer. Both experiences have been […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Hollywood, Lately


  Today’s Topic: Hollywood, Lately Why do we love movies so much? Ever since the magic of live animation was first put on film over a 120 years ago, movies have dramatically shaped popular culture, ushered in an unstoppable era of glamorized superstar actors and filmmakers, given birth to a multitude of associated industries, and […]

Movie Quote Thursday – The Bridge


Today’s Topic: The Bridge What do you see when you look in the mirror? Like you, I’m sure, I see myself and wonder how old everybody else my age looks compared to me. How we age outside doesn’t really matter, but how we age on the inside does. I don’t know if I look my […]

Running 50 miles – UPDATE


It’s go time. The rubber is going to hit the road – so to speak. More accurately, the shoes are going to hit the trail. I’ve been training with Ms. “X” for a few months now, and our goal event is less than 48-hours away. When she started training, she had never run more than […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – Replenishing a Soul


  She was stubborn about her desired course of treatment. She was going to take control and beat cancer her way. She believed that a healthy lifestyle, a strong faith, and a will to employ the best non-traditional curative options would eradicate the breast cancer and let her get on to enjoying her husband and […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Summer Vacation


Today’s Topic: Summer Vacation “Where are you planning to go on your summer vacation?” I’ve asked that question a lot lately; it’s a great conversation opener. To be fair, not everybody has the luxury of possessing both the finances and the time to plan for a summer vacation. After all, the United States is the […]