Movie Quote Thursday – The Bridge


Today’s Topic: The Bridge What do you see when you look in the mirror? Like you, I’m sure, I see myself and wonder how old everybody else my age looks compared to me. How we age outside doesn’t really matter, but how we age on the inside does. I don’t know if I look my […]

Running 50 miles – UPDATE


It’s go time. The rubber is going to hit the road – so to speak. More accurately, the shoes are going to hit the trail. I’ve been training with Ms. “X” for a few months now, and our goal event is less than 48-hours away. When she started training, she had never run more than […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – Replenishing a Soul


  She was stubborn about her desired course of treatment. She was going to take control and beat cancer her way. She believed that a healthy lifestyle, a strong faith, and a will to employ the best non-traditional curative options would eradicate the breast cancer and let her get on to enjoying her husband and […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Summer Vacation


Today’s Topic: Summer Vacation “Where are you planning to go on your summer vacation?” I’ve asked that question a lot lately; it’s a great conversation opener. To be fair, not everybody has the luxury of possessing both the finances and the time to plan for a summer vacation. After all, the United States is the […]