A New Year

Hillary Swank

New Year’s Day is celebrated in many different ways. Depending on your traditions, customs and heritage, the day can involve noisemaking, food, music, football, drinks, gift giving, fireworks, prayer, physical activity, recovering, or in some cases, all of the above and more. To many of us, New Year’s also means a conscious final recharging of […]

Christmas Break


Christmastime, whether you actually celebrate Christmas or not, is a time that means so many different things to so many people. To some it is a very spiritual time; a time for us to reflect on the greater context of life and to be thankful for the blessings that we’ve been given. To others it […]

Keeping Our Mouths Closed


We all know people who say whatever comes to their mind, no matter the circumstances, no matter the consequences. When we are around these people, we can sometimes sense the disaster getting ready to happen – and then bam – out comes an inappropriate comment, or an overbearing opinion, or worse yet, a series of […]



I was supposed to send this out yesterday, but I was technologically challenged! They finally figured a way to stretch time; to add hours to the day; to make the impossible finally possible. According to several sources, today, Friday, started sometime on Thursday afternoon. Of course, it’s called “Black Friday”, and the day starts earlier […]



Sometimes life isn’t neat and orderly. The lines between the different segments of our lives can be unclear – unless you’re an engineer or have some other type of well-organized, tabulated personality. For most of us, those lines can occasionally become blurred, which forces us to deal with issues on an “as they happen” basis, […]

Being Busy

Easy Rider

Last week I wrote…”Life is certainly one thing: uncertain.” – well, it’s certainly one other thing: busy! So forgive me for being late on the Movie Quote Thursday. But, what a topic to explore for just a minute – we all only have just about that much free time anyway. I often find myself daydreaming […]