What Do We Do Now?


Today’s Topic: What Do We Do Now? It seems that in the last several days, the vitriol and pessimism and acrimony and gloom about our upcoming change in leadership have been flowing at full force. Maybe I’m just seeing it that way because of the fierce deluge from a slightly right-slanted social media and traditional […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Short Days and Short Nights

THE PLAYER, Greta Scacchi, 1992, © Fine Line Features

Today’s Topic: Short Days and Short Nights Are you a night person or a morning person? Do you wake at 4:30am and hit the day hard, or do you feel your energy levels rise just after nightfall? When do you get going and when do you wind down? I’m both a day and a night […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Resolutions


As always, here is my year-end Movie Quote Thursday discussing “resolutions.” The most popular New Year’s Resolutions are: Lose weight Volunteer to help others Quit smoking Improve my education Get a better job Save money Get fit Eat healthy Manage stress Manage debt If we embark on a path to take our New Year’s resolutions […]

Movie Quote Thursday – Can’t We All Just Get Along?


Movie Quote Thursday – Can’t We All Just Get Along I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who told me a story about losing a friend over a comment she had made on a social media site. The comment was an innocuous enough thought on a general topic to have expected […]

Movie Quote Thursday – The Dinner Table


Movie Quote Thursday – The Dinner Table You know what they say about talking politics and religion at the dinner table: you shouldn’t. Contrary to that age-old advice, I think a lot of table talk in a lot of homes next week will be centered on politics. So instead of talking politics at the dinner […]

Cycle of Lives Book Subject – A Matter of Timing


Things happen at the exact time they do, not a minute sooner, not a minute later. This indisputable and uncontrollable truth can, depending on one’s desire to understand the greater meaning behind the critical moments of our lives, be both maddening and comforting. Cause and effect, coincidence, or some type of master plan are the […]